70s Rewind

Reflections on my favorite film decade.

Richard Harris and John Huston star in a film directed by Richard C. Sarafian and released by Warner Bros. in 1971.
Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte star in Poitier's directorial debut, a rambunctious Western that aims to correct the U.S. historical record. From the…
Then: A half-hearted sci-fi oddity by a flailing studio. Now: I like this movie.
Roger Corman's 'Gas-s-s-s' marked an ending point for the filmmaker.
Michael Ritchie's 'Smile' consistently tickles my funny bone, even as it always breaks my heart.
As Sundance gets under way, a look back at Robert Redford in 'The Great Gatsby.'
Peter Bogdanovich directed his third success in a row with 'Paper Moon.'
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