An animated movie from Turkey lands on Disney Plus (?!).
Dee Bradley Baker and Michelle Ang return to star in the animated Disney Plus series.

December 2022

A few shows, a few movies, and a few thoughts about next year.
A live-action franchise gets an animated sequel that skews quite young.
Gorgeous animation adorns the latest dark vision of co-director Guillermo del Toro.

November 2022

Warwick Davis returns as part of an ensemble of young people on an adventure in the Disney+ series.
Diego Luna says goodbye and hello, once more, in the season finale.
Amy Adams leads a fairy tale excursion into suburbia. But is that a good thing?
Diego Luna steps aside, mostly, so other characters can justify their existence.
Millie Bobby Brown is everyone's younger sister in the Netflix movie that might have been better as a series.
Two streaming series take different approaches to the same challenge.

October 2022

Kaitlyn Dever and Isabella Merced star in a sparkling 'Romeo and Juliet' comedy.